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  • What is grass-fed beef / grass-finished beef?
    Our cattle are raised on grass or hay from birth to finish. Some people graze cattle on grass but finish them on corn to fatten the cattle faster. Our beef is 100% grass-fed.
  • Is grass-fed beef better for you?
    Yes, there are several health benefits in consuming grass-fed beef. The beef is higher in protein and high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids "good fat" which plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, Arthritis, Cancer and other inflammatory and auto-immune disorders.
  • How do you cook grass-fed beef?
    Grass-fed beef should be cooked at a low temperature and slowly. Since it is extremely low in fat, you can coat it with olive oil (or oil of choice) for easy browning. The oil will help prevent drying or sticking.
  • Can we save all parts of the animal?
    Yes, if you would like the seut and bones just let the meat processor know when you call to place your cutting order with them.
  • When do we butcher?
    1 or 2 times per year. Always in the fall (October). Sometimes in late winter or early spring.
  • Where do I pick up the beef?
    If you purchase a 1/4 or 1/2 beef you will pick up the meat from the processor that we have lined up for the beef. If you are purchasing smaller amounts of beef such as a 25# package or individual items, you would pick that up from us.
  • How do I pay for the beef?
    Cash or check (NOTE working on getting PayPal or something set up).
  • Who do I pay for the beef?
    You would pay us for the beef (hanging weight) and you pay the processor for the butchering and process of the beef.
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